Do you covet the amazing interiors in top shelter magazines and have an unfulfilled creative streak to furnish your own space? Well, one of the key elements to inspired design is the artful mix of exquisite textiles. The best of the best materials were off limits to you, until now.

Finally! Textilium provides unprecedented access to trade-only textiles, previously only available to design professionals, now edited in ready-to-go schemes that can be shipped direct.

Embrace this exciting new tool and become

your home's creative director!

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    Only textiles made from all-natural fibers from the world's finest mills are considered for our compositions in the initial sort. A healthy home and sustainability are always front and center.

  • Edit

    Then we comb through hundreds of thousands of materials, editing what we think are the most interesting weaves, textures and colors.

  • Compose

    The textiles that make the final cut are narrowed down in our design studio into featured swatch sets, each inspired by a spectacular scenes of nature.


Your selected scheme includes 8 swatches to test in your home. Each one picked for a specific item in your space. Of course you can mix and match as you desire.

Lounge Chair
Accent Piece
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With your professional-size samples in hand, you can view them in different lighting conditions such as morning, afternoon and evening to get a sense of how they react in your space.


Seating, windows and walls…let's get started!
Top designers all utilize a little known-trade secret called COM (Client's Own Material). This means they use whatever fabric they choose rather than being limited to a furniture manufacturer's standard offering, giving them unlimited creative options to combine amazing colors and textures.

You can do the same with our featured fabrics. We even offer an extensive list of vetted prestige furniture makers, workrooms and installers that will work with your selections.

By the way...

There is a growing trend in using solution dyed acrylics for upholstery. These are petroleum based and to us not appropriate for indoor use. Off-gassing materials while napping on your sofa, we think not! This is why we don't offer any materials that have even 1% synthetic woven in. And importantly the textiles we select will degrade, when their life is over, into the landscape.

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