Collection: Flora + Fauna

Each of our swatch sets is inspired by a beautiful scene of nature, and equips you with everything you need to TexSTYLE your space.
  • Agave Garden

    Agave Garden

  • Amandus Blue

    Amandus Blue

  • Avalanche Peak

    Avalanche Peak

  • Birchgrove


  • Cactus Flora

    Cactus Flora

  • Exotica


  • Flamingo Tide

    Flamingo Tide

  • Golden Pavilion

    Golden Pavilion

  • Kyoto Blossoms

    Kyoto Blossoms

  • Mountain Bloom

    Mountain Bloom

  • Orchid Meadow

    Orchid Meadow

  • Pastel Mist

    Pastel Mist

  • Paua Shell

    Paua Shell

  • Picasso Fields

    Picasso Fields

  • Poppy Fields

    Poppy Fields

  • Reflection Pond

    Reflection Pond

  • Saline Grotto

    Saline Grotto

  • Saturated Spring

    Saturated Spring

  • Succulent Garden

    Succulent Garden

  • Superbloom