Discover Textilium

Previously only for the few, the world’s finest textiles have been sorted into stunning sets to offer unbeatable fabric flair

Do you have a knack for style and covet the rooms in top
shelter magazines? You’d love to furnish your own space, but would prefer to go it alone, rather than hiring an interior designer? Textilium is here to help. Combining different fabrics, mixing prints and patterns, choosing just the right colors…it’s an art that can be hard to crack. We have your back!

Our founder, Frank Roop, is an internationally recognized interior designer with years of working with the finest textiles, whose interiors have been published in magazines like Elle Décor US, House Beautiful, Veranda, and AD France.

Now, he has come up a new concept: ready-to-go fabric schemes that will make any room sing. Each is inspired by nature and composed of eight different textiles, sourced from the world’s finest mills. And what’s even better is that they are all trade-only fabrics, previously only available to design professionals. Now, you can have unprecedented access to them too, allowing you to acquire the tools to take creative control of your home… imagined by you, for you!

Expertly edited for modern living

There are hundreds of thousands of fabric options to comb through. Who has the time for that? This really is an insurmountable task for most. So, we’ve done it for you, sorting through the seemingly infinite options, choosing
only the most interesting, finest quality, all-natural textiles and assembling them in stunning combinations that are sure to bring visual impact, elegance and harmony to your home.

Side note: importantly, we are not paid by textile companies, we only select what we like the best.

Wearing just one designer in your personal wardrobe would be a bit boring. The same logic is true for designing your personal space. That’s why we work with dozens of the world’s most talented weavers and textile designers and mix up multiple vendors in each of our compositions.

We enjoy the collaborative spirit! It makes for diverse, original, and highly personalized interiors.

Many months of work is required to compose our carefully curated collections. We study visual relationships between colors and textures of these selections to see what inspires us. And to inspire your creative vision, we pair them with landscape photography. With our team’s help, you can become your home’s creative director.