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All-natural fibers at the heart of our approach

We are very tuned in to what our global impact as designers is on the environment. All our featured textiles are made from 100% all-natural fibers. We know that we can’t control every aspect of how fibers get processed into fabrics. However, we can ensure that we only select exciting materials for your home that are derived from nature...which in it's own small way can help with the long-term health of the global environment. And in the short term promote a healthier home for you and your family.

Did you know that the disposal of textiles in general is one of the leading polluters of our planet by tonnage each year into landfills? Importantly synthetic fibers in textiles can take hundreds of years to degrade into the landscape. As consumers, we are becoming more and more accustomed to purchasing disposable clothing and interior furnishings. While we know there are some interesting textiles with synthetics woven into them, we don’t cave in just aesthetics. In fact, we don’t even use 1% of any non-biodegradable synthetic in any of our featured materials as a matter of principle. Our edited selections of 100% natural fabrics will degrade into the earth when their lifecycle is complete.

When we excitedly open our new box of cool sneakers and are blown away with that surprisingly nasty smell, this is off-gassing, gross! This is created from an airborne release of chemical vapors from petroleum-based materials. Acrylic, nylon and other common synthetics textiles are also derived from petroleum. Why would you or your family take a nap on a sofa covered with the same materials? And with today’s energy efficient homes these harmful gases are sealed up with nowhere to go except into your lungs. For us these textiles are appropriate for outdoor use only. It is surprising that so many furniture makers use these materials indoors. Think about how much material surrounds us in our homes such as drapes, walls coverings and seating. In many larger rooms this can be hundreds of yards. Having a healthy home means paying attention to the materials that are in your everyday life. Interior design textiles play a big part of this.

Fabrics woven from natural fibers are perfectly imperfect. We love honest organic and hand loomed-looking textiles. To us, subtle variation adds greatly to the character and soul of a personalized space.

Materials woven from natural fibers offer a luxurious feel that can’t be replaced by synthetics. Our interiors schemes are all nature-inspired, celebrating the textures and colors of the global landscape. This design ethos is in keeping with our methodology of working with only plant and animal-based fibers in our selections. We favor design that isn’t trendy but long-lasting and beautiful.